What's in a Braid?  A physicality that is both soft and strong, interwoven to withstand, embodied by a soul that runs deep and vast, with gravitas, grace, and greatness.  This is a love letter to black beauty, celebrating the braid, highlighting it as the purest form of self-love and self-expression.


Director Kristyna Archer
Production Company Intuition Films
Producer Marie A Rodriguez
Associate Producer Tremaine Taylor-Tillery
EP Marie A Rodriguez, TT the Artist, Kristyna Archer
Based on poem
by Olu Butterfly
Original Music Composition TT the Artist
DP Suzaine Aguirre
Production Designer Jasmine Nicholes
Sec Dec Jay Echiribl & Taylor Moody
Wardrobe Stylist Monica Cargile
Wardrobe Assistant Andres Cardenas
Hair Nina J Potts & Richard Benn III
Makeup Rodney J & Hendra Nasril
Post Joint Editorial
Post Producer Kathleen Russell
Editor Jasmine McCullough
Assistant Editor Dre Seider
Colorist Jasmine Vazquez