Mommy Bahama

72 & Sunny NYC / Mother's Day


72 & Sunny is celebrating working mothers everywhere in the most radical and shareable way!  Mommy Bahama is a resort-wear, maternity-leave collection for the vacation people think you are going on as an expectant mother. The sarcasm and wit laced into this project was something Archer felt compelled to bring to life with the team at 72&Sunny. Seeking not only to empower women, comment on a cultural faux pas, this project sheds light on the fact that maternity leave is NO vacation. Paired with the poignant copy and a posh voice-over, it was quite successful in sparking a conversation, featured by Adweek, winning a Webby, and Telly award.


Agency:                        72 & Sunny NYC
Producer:                     Sabrina Bajaj
Post Production:          72 & Sunny NYC