Bouquet Exposé  / Teaser

A burnt-out, jaded flower bouquet is subject to an exposé-style interview, shedding light on previously unseen life that sounds like a bed of roses until you scratch beneath the surface. Satire and humor amplifies a message about sustainability, with the goal of sparking climate crisis conversations through the unique lens of comedy.

Director's Statement: As a director, my intention is to leverage the universal language of humor to break down barriers and engage viewers in a personal connection to this character. This film aims to thaw us out of our existential dread, connecting us to stories that reinvigorate our care for the world and inspire thoughtfully regenerative actions, transcending traditional environmental narratives. With a touch of absurdity and Bouquet's wit, we delve into the profound impact our choices have on the planet, leaving audiences both entertained and inspired to make a positive change.

CREDITS: Writer/Director: Kristyna Archer | Starring: Steph Barkley | Featuring: Allison Price, Lauren Howard Hayes, Annette Silva, Katie Novotny, Evan O'Brien, Tim Ford, Sam DeSurra, Allan Anthony Smith, Antonia Lassar, Anthony Defoe | Producer: Annette Silva | 1st AD: Ashley Hillis | DP: Keon Javanshir | Set Designer: Tim Ford | Art Director: Anthony Defoe | Stylist: Monica Cargile | Costume Designer: Trendhaus | Hair& Makeup: Natalie Goodman | Post Production: The Den Editorial | Editor: Katie Cali | Assistant Editor: Kayla Hashimoto | Colorist & VFX: Gabe Sanchez | Head of Production: Amanda Ornelas | Senior Post Producer: Kortney Rubottom | EP Jennier Mersis | Original Sound Composition: Ben Van Vlissingen | Sound & Mix: Ian Connie | Music Supervision: The Music Playground | President: Sydney Ferleger | EP Jeff Stevenson | Music Coordinator: Anthony Tenorio | Music: "Beautiful Place" by Lauren Mann


A glimpse at how the sausage is made.