The Last Rhinestone Cowboy / Teaser

In this experimental short film, two rhinestone space cowboys engage in a highline duel that defies not only gravity but the very essence of reality itself. Within this surreal, otherworldly landscape, as the treacherous dust storms swirl and the relentless wind howls, these intrepid rhinestone-clad riders maintain a mesmerizing balance that borders on the supernatural. Their acrobatic prowess becomes a dance with destiny, and their rhinestones glimmer like distant constellations in a celestial frontier.

What sets this film apart is its pioneering approach to filmmaking implementing groundbreaking tech. This visionary creation fuses AI and virtual production, charting toward an entirely new era of cinematic innovation.

CREDITS: Director: Kristyna Archer | DP: Carissa Dorson | Set Designer: Rob Fidel | Hair& Makeup: Alix Youngblood | Wardrobe: Lisa Madonna | Post-Production: Artclass | Post-Producer: Laurenn Reed | Editor: James Boger | Assistant Editor: Dominique Machain | Colorist: Arianna Shining Star | VFX Artist: Tyler Keith | Sound & Mix: Julian Bickford


A glimpse at how the sausage is made, and in this case equal parts AI & virtual production.