A Harmony of  Touch:
The High-five, Handshake, and Hug

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM, LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival, Official Selection CANIFF, Official Selection Paris Lift-off Film Festival, Official Selection Montreal Independent Film Festival, Official Selection VAEFF.

Human connection through physical touch is a life force energy. It’s as critical to our survival as is the air that we breathe. In this homage to touch, two beings explore these forms by way of the high five, handshake, and hug. Steadily the fire is lit and a connection is made. Standing the test of time, these visceral, bodily, mortal connections remind us we are still alive. Synchronicity being the master. Firmness being the gauge. Vulnerability being the superpower. Without them, we are powerless.



Behind-the-scenes view of how the sausage is made.



Director/Writer:             Kristyna Archer
DP:                                 Kelsey Talton
Production Designer:   Jack Reed
Choreographer:            Genna Moroni
Editor:                            Kate Owen
Assistant Editor:           Tony Hurtado
Colourist:                      Felipe Szulc
Colour Assistant:          Matt Toy
Post Production:           Nomad Edit
Post Producer:             Patricia Odysseos Suther
Music:                           Asche and Spencer
Music Producer:          Matt Locher
Sound Design:            Joey Lefitz
VO:                              Amanda Lehan-Canto