Musical Chairs - A Battle Royale / Short Film

A revealing battle royale of vices in a cutthroat match of musical chairs. Who will conquer all?

This fashion film has won Best Concept by the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival and selected by various festivals around the globe including London Fashion Film Festival, Fashion Film Festival Amsterdam, LA Femme International Film Festival, Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival, nominated by BLOW-UP International Arthouse Filmfest and the Women's International Film Festival.  The concept visually contextualizes an inner battle over negative thoughts personified as the 7 deadly sins, each being multiple versions of oneself, bringing hope you can persevere.


Screen-Shot-2022-05-05-at-8.18.01-PM musicalchairs4
Screen-Shot-2022-05-05-at-8.18.46-PM MusicalChairsFinal-Final.00_01_25_00.Still004
Screen-Shot-2022-05-05-at-8.18.16-PM MusicalChairsFinal-Final.00_01_45_07.Still001
Screen-Shot-2022-05-05-at-8.29.41-PM MusicalChairsFinal-Final.00_02_02_05.Still003


Director:                Kristyna Archer
Producer:              Ashley Hillis
Post Producer:      Betsy Beale
DP:                         Heather Sommerfield  
Wardrobe:             Holly Copeland
Set Designer:        Jack Reed
Wardrobe Stylist:  Holly Copeland
Editor:                    Kate Owen
Color:                    Gregory Reese
Music:                    Marmoset
Sound Design:      Dan Bosworth
Storyboard Artist: Julian Bishop