Musical Chairs - A Battle Royale / Short Film

A revealing battle royale of vices in a cutthroat match of musical chairs. Who will conquer all?

The concept visually contextualizes an inner battle over negative thought patterns personified as the 7 deadly sins, each being multiple versions of oneself, bringing hope you can persevere.

"Best Concept" Canadian International Fashion Film Festival | London Fashion Film Festival | Fashion Film Festival Amsterdam | Blow-Up Arthouse Filmfest Nominee | La Femme International Film Festival | Women's International Film Festival



Screen-Shot-2022-05-05-at-8.18.01-PM musicalchairs4
Screen-Shot-2022-05-05-at-8.18.46-PM MusicalChairsFinal-Final.00_01_25_00.Still004
Screen-Shot-2022-05-05-at-8.18.16-PM MusicalChairsFinal-Final.00_01_45_07.Still001
Screen-Shot-2022-05-05-at-8.29.41-PM MusicalChairsFinal-Final.00_02_02_05.Still003


Producer:              Ashley Hillis
Post Producer:      Betsy Beale
DP:                         Heather Sommerfield  
Wardrobe:             Holly Copeland
Set Designer:        Jack Reed
Wardrobe Stylist:  Holly Copeland
Editor:                    Kate Owen
Color:                    Gregory Reese
Music:                    Marmoset
Sound Design:      Dan Bosworth
Storyboard Artist: Julian Bishop